in: Direct Release | May 6, 2010 | by: Patrick

Mach Xtreme Technology Launches MX JET Series 2.5” Solid State Drives

Taipei, Taiwan—May 4, 2010— Mach Xtreme Technology Inc., a worldwide leader in top performance, high reliability and user-friendly designed PC components, today unveiled the MX JET Series 2.5” SSD which makes MLC (multi-level cell) NAND-based storage an aordable oering for mainstream users demanding the latest technology. Based on JMicron JMF612 controller, MX JET Series delivers blazing fast, smooth and stutter free performance.

The new MX JET Series of SSDs is the latest addition to the Mach Xtreme lineup of solid state drives. MX Technology has worked very closely with JMicron on MX JET series to get most out of this sophisticated controller. As a result, MX Technology releases the best-in-class drive. MX JET is based on JMF612 controller coupled with 128MB onboard cache and the latest rmware to ensure top performance while maintaining an attractive price point that is truly within the reach of a wide range of DIY users.

The MX JET drive delivers best-in-class read and write speeds clocking in at up to 260MB/s read and 200MB/s write along with the maximum of 15,000 IOPS and superior durability (1.5 million MTBF) compared to previous generation drives.

Available in capacities of 64GB, 128GB and 256GB, Mach Xtreme Technology MX JET SSDs offer ample room for all your data and comes backed with 2 Year Warranty and outstanding after-sales service.


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