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Thecus® Business NAS Servers – Your One Stop Solution

06/17/2010 – In the competitive world of business, the ability to provide critical information efficiently and effectively to the right people while controlling operating costs is the key to survival. With that, Thecus® has the ideal solution. Thecus® N7700+/N8800+ and N7700PRO/N8800PRO business NAS servers offer full compatibility with next-generation 10GbE NICs; furthermore, they have recently been awarded VMware® Ready Certification.

Receiving the VMware® Ready Certified logo means that Thecus® business NAS products have passed all relevant laboratory testing and met all the integration and interoperability criteria outlined by VMware®. VMware® Ready Certification also means that these products are fully compatible with VMware® ESX 4.0. Businesses can trust them to be reliable, secure and ready to run in a virtualized environment to carry out mission critical applications and operations.

For large businesses, bandwidth speed a key element that needs to be taken into consideration when building a virtualized infrastructure; high bandwidth speed is essential to ensure concurrent file transfers under simultaneous multiple client access. Thecus® enterprise NAS servers, N7700+/N8800+ and N7700PRO/N8800PRO, have a built in PCI-e expansion slot that is compatible with next-generation 10GbE NICs, offering businesses superior data transfer speeds and quick system response.

Below are the N7700PRO 10Gb performance test results:

Test Environment

Client NAS
CPU : 2 x QuadCore Intel Xeon E5540

RAM12GB (DDR III – 1333)

OS : Windows 7 Professional 64Bit


10GbE NIC: Intel X520 SR-1

Model: Thecus N7700PRO

Firmware version : 3.02.01

HDD: 7 X HDD Seagate 320GB

10GbE NIC: Intel X520 SR-1

*The above is a inhouse performance test conducted by Thecus®.

Thecus® N7700+/N8800+ and N7700PRO/N8800PRO business NAS servers are packed with all the essential technologies for modern businesses. Together with 10GbE compatibility, iSCSI support and VMware® Ready status, businesses have the speed and flexibility required to take full advantage of virtualization technology.

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