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Be 100% Secure® with Thecus AES 256-bit RAID Volume Encryption

07/09/2010 – Thecus’ breakthrough Cloud NAS Servers allow users to access and share their data no matter where they are in the world both efficiently and effortlessly. Furthermore, Thecus’ advanced AES 256-bit RAID Volume Encryption feature ensures that users’ confidential data are safely guarded while they are away on vacation or business trip.

Thecus’ AES 256-bit RAID Volume Encryption feature allows users to encrypt RAID volumes on their Thecus NAS with a writable USB disk. Once a RAID volume has been encrypted, no one will be able to access their NAS to retrieve data or modify settings without the USB disk containing the encrypted key; therefore, user’s precious data will be 100% secure even if someone has stolen their hard drives or the even entire NAS server.

Users who wish to learn more about Thecus’ AES 256-bit RAID Volume Encryption feature can visit the Thecus How-to Guide. In the How-to Guide, users can find step-by-step guides as well as additional information on various features offered by Thecus NAS products.

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