in: Direct Release | July 13, 2010 | by: Jagat Review

Go Back In Time with Thecus® NAS and Mac Time Machine

07/13/2010 – Thecus, Creator in storage, is bringing good news to Mac users by announcing that Mac Time Machine is now supported on select Thecus NAS servers. With Mac Time Machine support, users are able to automatically backup their entire Mac, including photos, movies, music, documents and applications, and save them on Thecus NAS servers. When ever the need arises, users can simply go back in time and recover their files quickly and effortlessly.

Time Machine is a smart backup application that not only enables users to restore their Macs to what it looked like in the past, but it also allows users to continue working with their Macs while all backup tasks take place in the background. One of the main advantages of utilizing a Thecus NAS as backup storage compared to other external HDDs or storage units is that the user’s backup files will be safeguarded with Thecus’ advanced RAID technology. Furthermore, connecting Mac Time Machine with a Thecus NAS server is the simplest thing ever; within a few clicks of a mouse, users will be ready to go.

Users who wish to learn more about Thecus Time Machine support can visit the Thecus Classroom. In there, users can find step-by-step guides as well as additional information on various features offered by Thecus NAS products.


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