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Interview with the Champion: Inside MSI Master Overclocking Arena

Participating in a world-class overclocking (OC) contest is the dream of every overclocker around the world. These competitions provide an opportunity to show off the farther extent of overclocking abilities from each contestant, along with a fair chance to win generous amounts of prizes. However, an inexperienced overclocker might be put off by his own fear of the international OC contests, such as the MSI Master Overclocking Arena 2010 (MOA 2010), which is about to begin in the next couple of days. Part of that fear is caused by the lack of information regarding the atmosphere of the game, of what actually takes place in the competition.

That is why we decided to ask a few things to Alva Jonathan, a seasoned Indonesian overclocker who has gathered a significant amount of experience in numerous overclocking contests, including the MSI Master Overclocking Arena. Together with his partner, Ekky, one of the best overclockers in Indonesia, Alva became the champion of MSI Master Overclocking Arena in 2008. He told the story of his struggle, and the ultimate achievement that was eventually bestowed upon him in MOA 2008.

JagatReview (JR): What did you feel when you were chosen to represent your country in MOA 2008?

Alva: My heart was throbbing with excitement! On one side, I was happy to be given the terrific chance to represent Indonesia as one of the participating overclockers, but on the other hand, I also felt the weight of responsibility on my two shoulders. Such responsibility was by no means something to be taken lightly, and I had already been “burdened” by it right from the start. MOA 2008 was the first OC competition that employs LN2 (liquefied nitrogen) based-coolant that I took part in, and each one of my opponents is a world-class overclocker! Fortunately, I had Mas Ekky by my side. He is one of the best overclockers in Indonesia. That calmed me down a little as I take on this challenge.

JR: Before stepping into the worldwide stage of the MOA, did you successfully get pass the elimination round?

Alva: Back in 2008, I competed in the ‘HardwareZone Iron Tech 2008 Indonesia’ OC contest, sponsored by MSI. Mas Ekky and I happened to won the competition. After our victory in Indonesia, we got to the regional level round in Singapore. We managed to secure the second place this time. As it turned out, the top-three winners were allowed to participate in the MSI MOA 2008 Grand Final in Taipei! We had absolutely no idea that the prize was a ticket to MOA 2008 Worldwide. Later on, we learned that it was a ‘surprise gift” from the corresponding sponsor.

JR: Can you tell a little bit about your preparations to compete in the MOA at that time?

Alva: 2 weeks before the D-Day, we did a full test of the platform that would be used for the contest there. So, for that whole 2 weeks, we tested the same motherboard everyday; because that motherboard was such a tricky and unpredictable one. Very frustrating indeed. Lucky for us, three days prior to our departure, Mas Ekky and I were already familiar with it.

JR: How did it feel to win the MSI MOA 2008?

Alva: Incredibly happy! Let me be honest with you, being the champion was totally beyond our own expectations. We had only a simple goal in mind: to stay off from the bottom position! For me, our victory was a blessing from the All Mighty. You can say that our own effort contributed some 5% percent of chance for that fateful turn of event, while the rest, 95%, was total luck! Keep in mind that winning the MOA 2008 did not make me feel like I am the best overclocker in Indonesia, let alone in the whole world! There are a lot, and I really mean a lot, of overclockers in this country who can do so much better than me or Mas Ekky. As both an overclocker and PC enthusiast, I still have lots to learn. Afterall, we’re just lucky…

JR: If you managed to get through to the MOA 2010 Worldwide Grand Final, do you have any specific goal in mind?

Alva: Hmm… I just do not want to embarrass the country I would be representing. I would be happy by just not being stranded in the last place. My motto is: I come, I score, and I go home, hopefully bringing along some prizes. Well, the point is, I’ll do my best and hope that God will do the rest.

Aside from sharing his MOA experience in this article, Alva also gave us some tips and tricks that can be employed in overclocking competitions. Stay tuned to Jagat Review for more details!

Come and support your favorite overclocker in MSI MOA 2010, on Thursday, July 22 2010, at Planet Hollywood Jakarta! You can also follow the latest updates on this event at!


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