in: News - Overclocking | July 22, 2010 | by: Oik Yusuf Araya

MSI Master Overclocking Arena 2010: Ready, Get Set… Go!

Preparation time is one of the most interesting stages in an overclocking contest. You can witness the secret techniques employed by the contestants to push their rig to the absolute maximum limit, during this period of the contest. Every sort of eerie-looking, unfamiliar, yet totally amazing hardwares are scattered all over the battleground. MSI Master Overclocking Arena contest, which is currently taking place this afternoon, July 22 2010, at the Planet Hollywood Jakarta, is no exception. This event, however, is not so open to the public since it’s being held inside a closed venue. Don’t worry though, if you’re interested to find out what’s happening inside, we’ll be your eyes and ears! Let us begin discussing the contestants’ preparations shall we?

Every overclocker here brings an impressive array of personally customized cooling solutions, along with a bunch of electric equipments: wires, cables, soldering tools, and the likes. Immediately upon unpacking their gears, most of the contestants began applying hardware modifications to their graphics cards, which allows them to pump more voltage into the corresponding component. More voltage means more overclocking headroom, and thus, higher scores. Some contestants went straight to the extreme, constructing additional power routes directly from the power supply unit to bypass the power limitation on the 6-pin PCI-Express power cables!

The organizers prepared bucket loads of ice cubes right in the middle of the arena, so that any contestant who needs to re-fill his stock of ice-cold water (for the watercooling systems used in this contest) may take some extra helpings of frozen liquid at will. Some contestants are confident enough with their extra large air coolers, while most others rely on water-based coolant to keep the temperature at a minimum. Whatever the cooling, they all seem very eager to submit some scores.

The first scores have been submitted at around 14.00 o’clock, and the contestants are currently still struggling to get ahead of one another with their Super PI scores. We already have one dud motherboard, and one contestant did some very agressive tweakings, he almost killed his entire system with over-voltage. The race is getting hotter and the competition is fierce! More and more scores are being submitted. Who, among these ten overclocking masters, will emerge victorious? Follow the updates, only at!


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