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Ubertwitter: Go Red with Beta Eight

Well, it doesn’t really rhyme, but you really can go red with Ubertwitter v0.98, also lovingly called Beta-8, which was released today for Blackberry users. Read on for our initial impressions and the download link.

This version adds two new colors to the “Color Theme” introduced in v0.9747 which are “Red”, seen above with a zoomed view of the “unread” icon, and “White” which in the Bold version looks exactly the same as “Gray”. We don’t know whether this is an isolated glitch or Ubertwitter really thinks gray as “dark white”.

Left: the old Gray Theme, right: the “new” White Theme. Yes, we’re baffled, too.

Some new additions can mostly be found in “Options”, such as the ability to disable “Scrolling Animations” introduced in v0.9747 (Beta-7). This is in response to some users that said that the animation is slow and memory intensive on older Blackberries. Also new is some more options for Uber Bar which enables you to autohide it and/or change it’s size to pre-Beta7. These will come handy if you want to reclaim some valuable screen space.

Another feature we found was the threaded view for replies, shown below. All you need to do is click the icon where it shows and you will be taken to a threaded view of your replies. It’s a nice addition to so you can have a clearer view on the subject of your replies. But still, it doesn’t mean that you should have lengthy conversations through your timeline. If you do, you might find yourself get “muted” by your followers, which in Beta-8 is much simpler done through a few clicks.

Click the conversation icon and you’ll be taken to the screen above.

Silencing a user is just a two clicks away. Sorry Ferrari, I’m a Mercedes fan.

We also found that UberTwitter Beta-8 also saves your hashtags so that after you typed it once, you don’t need to type the whole thing again another time. Uber-handy for those really long hashtags. I mean, you wouldn’t want to type #loverholicrobotronic all the time, wouldn’t you?

And then, at the very end of  the Options screen, we come up to this feature titled Default Email Tweet Recipient which comes with a text field but no other explanations. We fiddled with it, tried to activate it, and looked for more info on the main website, all to no avail. Whatever it is, it looks neat, and if you know what it’s for please say so in the Comments section below.

Click here to download Ubertwitter v0.98


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