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Digital Alliance GTX 460 768MB: New Chip, Custom Cooling

Test Results


Setting : 1920×1080; DirectX 10; High; No-AA

We brought along an ATI Radeon HD 5830-based graphics card –also from Digital Alliance- for comparison purposes. As you can see from the graphs above, the Digital Alliance GTX 460 768 MB is a tad faster (about 9%) than its rival in this game.


Setting: 1920×1080; No-AA; AF-Trilinear; Maximum Quality

The tide turned in Left 4 Dead, as Radeon HD 5830 gets ahead of the Digital Alliance GTX 460 768 MB by approximately 14%. Both cards already produce frame rates in the hundreds, so the difference may not be apparent at all. Still, it’s a notable difference when we look at the numbers.

Batman Arkham Asylum

Setting : 1920×1080; No-AA; Maximum Quality; No PhysX

In Batman: Arkham Asyum, Digital Alliance GTX 460 768 MB scored 6 FPS higher than the HD 5830.

Devil May Cry 4

Setting : 1920×1080; No-AA; Super High

Although it only managed to beat the HD 5830 in “Scene 1”, we can still say that the Digital Alliance GTX 460 768 MB performed well in this game.

Resident Evil 5

Setting : 1920×1080; No-AA; High

We ran Resident Evil 5 in DirectX 10 mode, and the Digital Alliance GTX 460 768MB scored 6 FPS higher compared to the HD 5830

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