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Enjoy the Convenience of Thecus® ISO Mount

08/06/2010 – In the digital era, many people are archiving their digital data, such as movie collections, photos and software programs into ISO image files. ISO image files are uncompressed copies of archived CDs, DVDs, or other disk formats. The benefit of archiving digital data in ISO image files is that users no longer need to worry about making up space to store physical disks. Furthermore, ISO image files can also be easily managed and distributed via Internet or local area network.

The ISO Mount feature is currently supported on Thecus’ complete range of NAS products. The ISO mount feature allows users to store and mount up to fifty ISO 9660 image files on their Thecus NAS. Once an ISO image file has been mounted, the system will automatically create a new folder and all the files contained in the ISO image file will be extracted and stored in that particular folder, users can then access these files at anytime without the need to use other third party software to extract them – simple and convenient.

Users who wish to learn more about Thecus ISO Mount feature can visit the Thecus Classroom. In our how-to section, users can find step-by-step guides as well as additional information on various features offered by Thecus NAS products.

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