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Photoshop Express for iPad

Adobe updated the free Mobile for iPhone and renamed it Photoshop Express. It is now a universal application which means it can run on the iPad as well with full resolution, no more blurry images from pixel doubling.

The application is a light image editor that lets you crop, rotate, adjust colors, apply various effects and filters by simply tapping or sliding a finger across the screen. There is also a selection of borders to add to your images.

In addition, Photoshop Express app is a front end to Adobe’s web based Photoshop Express service which allows users to upload, edit, store, and share photos to other online services including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa and Photobucket. Since Photoshop Express covers the basics of photo editing, it doesn’t include selection or resizing tools which may be a feature on other, more specialized photography apps.

Certain features in Photoshop Express are exclusive to the platform it runs in. For example, the Share to Twitpic option is not available on the iPad but it’s there on the iPhone. Likewise, On the iPad you can load and work on several photos in succession whereas on the iPhone each photo must be saved before loading the next one.

With the original update, Photoshop Express includes a bug that causes the app to quit the app upon launching it on the iPad in landscape mode if a productivity app such as Air Sharing or QuickOffice is installed. If the app is first opened in landscape view, it would immediately quit and open the default image in another app. Launching it in portrait view presented no such problem. Adobe has since released an update which fixes the issue.

Photoshop Express 1.3.1 is available on the App Store and requires iOS 3.0 or newer.


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