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Acer Aspire 5745DG: 3D On-the-go!

Test Results


Thanks to its Core i7 740QM, the notebook produced impressive scores in our Sysmark 2007 benchmark. With this kind of performance, you should have no problem running most productivity applications on this notebook. From simple word processing to 3D creation, all is handled well.

Battery Life

The massive 9000 mAh battery provides enough power to sustain this notebook for 288 minutes, or more than 4 hours, according to our MobileMark 2007 benchmark. This is terrific news, especially when you also put the Aspire 5745DG’s technical prowess into consideration. There’s plenty of time to indulge yourself in quality entertainment while on the go.

Video Transcoding

We carried out this particular test under two different conditions. First, we did the conversion process using the CPU. Then, using the CUDA support from its GeForce GT 425M, we relocated the process to the notebook’s graphics card. The GPU, rather unsurprisingly, performs far better than the CPU. It seems like CUDA is running good on the Aspire 5745DG.

NVIDIA GT425M Graphics Performance

The scores here in 3D Mark Vantage are relatively good, for an entertainment notebook that is. For more test results on this notebook’s graphics performance, check out our previous GeForce GT 425M article.


Indeed, the Acer Aspire 5745DG is an interesting mobile entertainment platform. Thanks to the notebook’s complete 3D Vision support and equipments, it allows you to experience thrilling 3D movies or games practically anywhere, whether at the office, home, or during travels. Its relatively long-lasting battery is an added plus that helps extending your overall enjoyment, while the DirectX 11-capable GeForce GT 425M provides adequate graphics performance for most lightweight gaming/ video processing scenarios. If you’re into mobile entertainment, the Aspire 5745DG here might be a good pick.


  • NVIDIA 3D Vision support
  • Long battery life for a notebook of its class


  • The media player software lacks support for certain codecs and is a bit difficult to use

Acer Aspire 5745DG, Specification

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