in: Graphics Card | October 1, 2010 | by: Oik Yusuf Araya

MSI N450GTS Cyclone 1GD5 – Good Performance, Excellent Cooler

Metro 2033

Setting : DirectX 11; Advance DOF, No-Advance PhysX, MSAA x4, AF x16

Using our test-standard graphics detail setting, none of the cards could even come close to producing acceptable FPS. Again, lowering the resolutions –along with some graphics setting adjustments- is the solution.

Batman Arkham Asylum

Setting : No-AA; Maximum Quality; No PhysX

The MSI N450GTS Cyclone 1GD5 had no problem rendering fluid motions in this game. Even with the PhysX effects turned on at 1920×1080, the game remains largely playable.

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