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Review GTX 580 SLI: The Ultimate Gamer’s Dream!


The amount of additional performance obtained by adding a second GTX 580 is quite impressive indeed. However, it must also be noted that, while most games in our test benefited greatly from GTX 580’s SLI multi-GPU processing, there are some titles which seemed to have failed to gain a significant performance increase. On the other hand, SLI helps preventing the number of frames from dropping too much when we enabled extra features such as advanced anti-aliasing. Simply put, it allows you to turn on even more eye candies without experiencing noticeable slowdowns.

If you feel like it, you can further enhance your gaming experience by hooking up three, 120 Hz LCD monitors to your GTX 580 SLI rig and turn on NVIDIA’s 3D Vision Surround feature. Such setup requires an exorbitant amount of graphics processing power, but with two GTX 580s, nothing seems impossible. To get an idea about how the GTX 580 performs in this particular matter, you can read our 3D Vision article here.

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