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AverMedia Aver3D Capture HD: Complete Multimedia Capabilities, Plus 3D!

It wasn’t too long ago when a video in/ out feature came standard on most graphics cards, usually in the form of S-Video connector. We don’t see this very often on more modern cards, but that doesn’t mean we should give up the hope of importing videos from outside sources right to desktop PCs. At least some multimedia product makers continue to innovate and manufacture peripherals intended for this very purpose, including AverMedia who is pushing ever more aggressively into the Indonesian market with their interesting products. One of the most recent additions to their line of multimedia offerings is the Aver3D Capture HD, the world’s first 3D TV tuner that also doubles as a video capture board.

As the name might suggest, the Aver3D Capture HD receives display output signal from a number of different sources, including HDMI which is quickly becoming the standard for today’s AV devices. Additionally, you can also watch 3D TV with it, although that would require some additional devices. We did some tests and actually liked what it has to offer.

AverMedia Aver3D Capture HD

AverMedia Aver3D Capture HD, package box
The Aver3D Capture HD looks rather simple with its small low-profile form factor

AverMedia Aver3D Capture HD connects to your motherboard via a PCI Express x1 connector. The card itself is relatively small. To further reduce its size, you can replace the standard back plate with a smaller one (included in the package) so that it would fit in tiny computer cases.

A low profile back plate is included in the package box

Hardware Features

You can only find three connectors on CaptureHD’s back plate. Unlike some other video capture boards, AverMedia combined all of the video input ports in a multi-AV cable that connects to one connector on the card, simplifying the connection while maximizing the amount of video input types that can be accommodated. This helps reducing the clutter on the back of the card itself, but cable may look a bit messy because it has so many ends on one side.

The three connectors on the back side are: antenna TV, HDMI input, dan multi-AV input
AverMedia Aver3D Capture HD’s multi-AV cable accepts input signals from S-Video, Component and Composite (RCA) sources. The infra red receiver for the remote control is also included in this bundle of cables

A remote control is included for more convenient operation. You can access various functions from this remote, such as switching TV channels, or recording video from external sources. Two AAA batteries used to power the remote can also be found inside the package box.

The remote control is loaded with various functions

Other accessories consist of a simple TV/ radio antenna, a quick installation guide, and a driver disc. Inside the disc, you can find the Aver MediaCenter 3D and Snug TV softwares. An anaglyph 3D-glasses also comes bundled so you can begin watching 3D contents immediately.

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