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Breaking the Speed Limit: Intel Sandy Bridge i7-2600K (Retail Version) Overclocking Preview

Below are more screenshots from some of the benchmarks :

* Click on the pictures to enlarge *

Cinebench R11.5
3DMark Vantage CPU Score
3DMark 11 Physics Test
SuperPI 1M
Hexus Pifast

All the results point out that the Sandy Bridge family of CPUs are indeed, SUPER FAST! With “just” four cores and eight logical threads, our Core i7 2600K got very close to the Core i7-980X ‘Gulftown’ processor (Intel’s current flagship, with 6 cores and 12 threads) in some multithreading tests carried out using air coolers.

We also obtained impressive results from the SuperPi 1M benchmark. Equipped with just an air-cooler (HSF) and overclocked to 5.4 GHz, Sandy Bridge finished the calculation in less than 7 seconds! Compared to previous Intel Processors, like the Core i6 661 (Clarkdale) that needs to be bumped up to 6.4 GHz to get similar results, the new Sandy Bridge architecture is obviously way ahead in terms of performance.

Simply said, Intel’s Sandy Bridge family of CPUs seems to be blessed with high performance levels and remarkable overclockability. We have finished writing an article on these wonderful new processors. Be sure to check out for the complete review!

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