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[PR] MSI Announces Swap Flow of Exchanging P67/H67 B3 Stepping Chipset for South Asia

(Taipei Taiwan) MSI, the leading mainboard and graphic card manufacturer, held all affected mainboards to protect consumers immediately after Intel officially announced the SATA problems in its Series 6 chipset on 31 January 2011 (USA time).  MSI officially announced the swap flow of exchanging latest P67/H67 B3 Stepping Chipset for fixing SATA problems in the Intel Series 6 chipsets. For more information, please visit Intel website.

MSI new available models carry with the LATEST Intel 6 series B3 stepping solution in South Asia!

P67 Models H67 Models H61 Models
Big Bang-Marshal (B3) H67MA-E35 (B3) H61MU-E35 (B3)
P67A-GD80 (B3) PH67A-C43 (B3) H61M-E33/E23 (B3)
P67A-GD65 (B3) PH67S-C43 (B3) H61MA-P35 (B3)
P67A-GD55 (B3) H67MS-E43 (B3) H61M-P23 (B3)
P67A-GD53 (B3) H67MS-E33 (B3)
P67A-C45 (B3) H67MA-ED55 (B3)
P67A-C43 (B3) H67MA-E45 (B3)
P67S-C43 (B3)

[Swap Flow for South Asia end users]

  1. For the users complete registration online:
  2. For the users are not able access internet:
  3. To appreciate customer’s support for MSI 6 series products, P67/H67 B2 Mainboard, MSI will provide a one to one exchange for the affected customers on hand product when the replacement motherboards are available.  On top of one to one mainboard swap, MSI will provide a Free SATA3 card to users affected.
  4. For detailed flow please visit at:

[How do you identify MSI P67/H67 MB version from outlook?]

Consumers can now identify the latest MSI P67/H67 mainboards equipped with the Intel B3 Stepping chipset with the sticker ‘MSI B3 Stepping Ready’ or by 4 other clear remarks.

For further details, please visit at:

[MSI 6 Series SATA SCAN eases worries of MSI 6 Series users]

With the MSI 6 Series SATA SCAN Utility, populated SATA ports will be highlighted for users to determine if their devices have been connected to the black SATA 3Gb/s ports supplied by the Intel 6 Series chipsets. The specially designed arrow signs will guide users to prioritize the connection of SATA devices to the white SATA 6Gb/s ports.  For further details, please visit at:

MSI is delightful to be the first one to release above comprehensive solutions. To realize its corporate philosophy: Excellent Product, High Quality, Good Service, Customer Satisfaction, MSI has proved its leading position in the industry.


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