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[PR] The Fastest HD 6870 Graphics Card MSI R6870 Hawk Breaks World Records in 3DMark 05 and 06

(TAIPEI, TAIWAN) — MSI, the world-renowned manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, has received universal acclaim from major media outlets and overclocking aficionados across the globe on the new HAWK series of graphics cards. The HAWK series is not only equipped with top-notch specifications, but also comes with a number of enhanced features exclusively from MSI. As a result, the HAWK series excels in performance tests conducted by major media groups. Using the latest MSI R6870 HAWK, the overclocking guru “THC”, from the Danish ODOC team, achieved a jaw-dropping GPU frequency of 1325MHZ last week via LN2 cooling at the exotic temperature of -180 degrees. The team was also able to break the current highest HD 6870 scores for 3DMARK 05 and 3DMARK 06 with P44563 and P34471, respectively. MSI’s HAWK series has proven itself yet again to be the superior choice for overclocking enthusiasts with its outstanding performance and top-quality components!

The Danish overclocker THC noted that “the MSI R6870 Hawk has increased the phase of the power supply to 8+2 phase, allowing me to operate extreme overclocking on the GPU with the huge amount of current required. With MSI’s Afterburner triple super-overclocking software, I was able to avoid the risk of damaging the graphics card when making modifications, thus enabling me to effortlessly increase the GPU/memory/VDDCI voltage and break the HD 6870 records for 3DMark05 and 06!”

The MSI R6870 Hawk boasts exclusive Propeller Blade fan technology, which increases air circulation by 20%. The 8+2 phase power supply also provides twice the amount of current compared with the reference implementation, thus increasing the stability of overclocking. Coupled with the exclusive triple super-voltage technology, GPU/memory/VDDCI voltage is simultaneously boosted, enhancing the graphics card’s potential. The R6870 Hawk has become the hottest HD 6870 product on the market precisely because of its outstanding specs and superior performance! Overclocking aficionados from all over agree: the Hawk Series MSI graphics cards absolutely guarantee quality and performance!

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