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Review- Intel Core i3 2120 Processor: More Performance… for a Price


From our benchmarks, it seems that the Core i3-2120 offers decent performance for its price. It does perform better than the Core i3-2100 in most of our test except games, at least if you’re not using a dedicated graphics card for that specific purpose. Both processors are identical in terms of performance when it comes to gaming with the on-CPU graphics processor.
Now, let’s compare the price. At around US$ 136-140, the Core i3-2120 is approximately 15% more expensive than the Core i3-2100. Take into account the average 5-10% performance advantage it has over the Core i3-2100, and suddenly the Core i3-2120 could appear to be less attractive.
However, considering the fact that “locked” Sandy Bridge processors are very hard to overclock and the bus speed can only be increased by a very small margin, the Core i3-2120 might still be a viable option for some. If you’re willing to spend 20 more dollars for a slightly increased performance, then this processor is not a bad choice at all.

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