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Review MSI N580GTX Lightning: Pushing the Fastest to the Limit

Sales Package and Contents

In contrast to the R6970 Lighting that we also received at the same time with this product, the N580GTX Lightning has an all-green package box. Perhaps this is meant to differentiate it from its “twin” product, which is also based on one of the fastest GPUs available, the Radeon HD6970. You can peek through a small “window” on the package box to see the graphics card inside it.

We found the following items inside the package:

  • Manual Book
  • Quick User’s Guide
  • Driver Disk
  • 2x SLI Bridge
  • 2x 6-pin to 8-pin power converter
  • DVI to D-Sub converter
  • 3x V-Check Point Cable
  • The Graphics Card

    This is the graphics card itself. Its massive TwinFrozr III HSF gives the N580GTX Lightning some reassuring looks.

    Each of the fans on the TwinFrozr III uses a set of unique fan blades called the “Propeller Blade” which, according to MSI’s claims, provide 20% more airflow compared to conventional fan blades.

    Five nickel-coated, copper heatpipes transfer the heat from TwinFrozr III base plate to the aluminum fins above it. Measuring 8 mm in diameter, two of the heatpipes are slightly larger than the rest. These are called the “Superpipe”.

    The memory chips and VRM components each has a dedicated set of heatsink plates to help with the cooling.

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