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Review MSI N580GTX Lightning: Pushing the Fastest to the Limit

On the backplate you will find two DVI connectors, one HDMI port, and one display port connector.
This is the PCB layout as seen from the back. Note the four NEC Tokin proadlizer chips installed at the center, near the GPU location.
The SLI connector on the upper part of the N580GTX Lightning can be used to connect up to three similar graphics cards in 3-Way SLI configuration for multi-GPU processing

Here’s one of the most unique features you will find on the N580GTX Lightning: DIP switches that allow extreme tweaking for an equally extreme overclock. These switches can be used to modify the following parameters:

  • Mem V-Switch
  • GPU V-Switch
  • PWM ClockTuner
  • PLL V-Switch
  • OCP Unlocker
Right next to the DIP switches, there is the BIOS switches that can be used to activate the backup BIOS. This should help users overcoming the cold bug, which usually occurs in extreme overclocking cases where Liquid Nitrogen is involved in the process.
A number of LEDs are lined up on the left most side of the PCB board. These will light up when the card is turned on to show the graphics load. More lights means heavier load.
The four NEC Tokin Proadlizer chips optimize the flow of power during extreme overclocks.
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