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Review MSI N580GTX Lightning: Pushing the Fastest to the Limit


With a boatload of exclusive features, it’s hard not to consider the N580GTX Lightning as one of the best graphics cards available today. According to our test, this graphics card should have no problem generating 30+ FPS in most modern games with all the graphics detail turned on and set to maximum. The factory overclocking helps it gets ahead of the reference-based GTX 580, albeit only by a relatively small margin. You will need an equally powerful processor to balance its performance though.

Of course, N580GTX Lightning’s true potential could only be unleashed by overclocking it beyond the 60/ 192 MHz factory overclock. When it comes to that, the vast array of overclocking-oriented features on this card could prove to be very helpful in the process. We will be overclocking this card in our next article. Keep checking for the complete result!


  • High performance
  • Twin Frozr III HSF provides decent cooling
  • Loads of exclusive features from MSI
  • High quality components.
  • Extreme overclocking potential.


  • Relatively small factory overclock.
  • TwinFrozr III generates a lot of noise during load conditions.

MSI N580GTX Lightning

  • Manufacturer: MSI
  • Info:
  • Price: –
  • Indonesian Distributor : Alfa Artha Andaya
  • Phone: (021) 622 00000


  • Chip: GeForce GTX 580
  • Interface: PCI Express 2.1 x16
  • Memory Size: 1536 MB
  • Core Clock: 832 MHz
  • Memory Clock: 4200 MHz (efektif)
  • Stream Processor: 512
  • D-Sub Output: Yes (via DVI to D-Sub converter)
  • DVI Output: Yes (x2)
  • HDMI Output: Yes
  • Display Port Output: Yes
  • Memory Type: GDDR5
  • Memory Interface: 384-bit
  • Accessory Bundle : Manual Book, Quick User’s Guide, Driver Disk, 2x SLI Bridge, 2x 6-pin to 8-pin power converter, DVI to D-Sub converter, 3x V-Check Point Cable.

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