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Review-MSI R6970 Lightning: MSI’s best in Radeon Flavor

Sales Package and Contents

In contrast to the N580GTX Lighting that we also received at the same time, the package box of MSI R6970 Lightning is mostly red in color. Perhaps this is done to better represent the Radeon GPU at its heart. Like the other graphics cards in its series, the picture of a fighter jet adorns R6970 Lightning’s package box. On the back, there are some short writings describing the features.

The front side of the box can be flipped up to reveal even more explanations on the graphics card’s features.

The accessory bundle consists of:

  • A Manual Book
  • A Quick User’s Guide
  • A Driver Disc
  • A Crossfire Bridge
  • 2x 6-pin to 8-pin power converters
  • A mini-Display Port to Full-size Display Port converter
  • A DVI to D-Sub converter
  • And, finally, 3x V-Check Point Cables
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