in: Direct Release | July 1, 2011 | by: Dian Syarifuddin

[PR] AirLive Unleashes World’s Most Powerful Wireless-b/g/n Router (2.6km)- AirLive N.Power

AirLive, one of the most advanced worldwide brands for networking and communication equipment, has unveiled the most powerful Wireless-b/g/n routers which provide wireless coverage up to 2.6km. AirLive N. Power is the first Wireless-N router to provide 2000mW output power with the included 3dBi antenna (1000mW without antenna). In summary, it can cover up to 10 times the area comparing with normal powered solutions.

AirLive N. Power is the most powerful Wireless-b/g/n router in the world because at up to 2 Watt maximum output power, it delivers as much as 10 times more power than a conventional AP. It can solve your coverage issue almost immediately. N. power connected with another N. power at 2.6km distance away in open space using its included small indoor antenna. That’s 9 times the distance comparing to normal router using the same antenna. Even the output power is scalable from 12dBm all the way to 30dBm, so you can use just enough power for your environment.

It has USB 2.0 port for sharing files via FTP, Multiple SSID, PoE liability and bandwidth control. It also incorporates passive PoE port for installation in locations away from the electrical outlet. For example, the router / access point wireless b/g/n mode AP/client can connect to another N. Power to 2.6km away with just an indoor antenna. “That means 9 times the distance compared to a standard router using the same antenna,” stand out from the manufacturer.

“The debut of our most powerful Wireless-b/g/n router in the world is significant as it is the first full-featured Wireless-N.Power router to combine wide ranging capabilities, features, infrastructure and a community to enable application development. With the N.Power’s incredible large coverage, it is ideal for hotel, school, park, shopping malls installations. You can use far less number of access points to achieve the same coverage; therefore, reduce the cost of installation tremendously,” stated Beesha Lin, Sales and Marketing Director at AirLive.

This wireless-N- routers, designed to let its core audience of tech experts and enthusiasts take their experience to the next level. The new, streamlined product lineup sets a new precedent for simplicity, power, and performance and makes it easy for consumers to find the right technology to fit their needs. The N.Power is built with the famous AirLive Wireless engine that includes the ability to change wireless modes for different applications. In addition, advance functions such as Virtual AP, bandwidth control, and over 100 features are harnessed by the user friendly AirLogic interface.

For the AirLive N.Power setup wizard can get your N.Power working in three simple steps. In addition, the built in passive PoE port allow installation in places far away from electricity. The N.Power’s USB port allows you to plug in a USB storage for quick file sharing via FTP service. You can choose between no password or password access.


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