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Review-OCZ RevoDrive: Truly an Express Drive!

Test Platform

Moving on to performance testing, the hardware used as our test platform are as follows:



Intel Core i3 2100, 3.1 GHz


Intel H67, LGA 1155

Graphics Card

AMD Radeon HD 5550


Kingston DDR3 9GB

Primary Storage

Kingston SSD V+100, 64 GB

Power Supply

CoolerMaster GX 550 watt

Input Devices

Genius (Keyboard & Mouse)


18.5” LCD, 1366×768

Operating System

Windows 7 64-bit

Additionally, we brought along two SATA 6Gbp (SATA-II) SSDs from Intel and Crucial for comparison purposes.

Test Result


These three drives are very fast indeed, but the RevoDrive managed to come on top of the others by yielding more than 500 MB/s read speed (average) and just over 370 MB/s write speed (average), according to HDTune.

I/O Meter

Intel SSD 510 series excelled in I/O Meter’s sequential read/ write measurement, but the RevoDrive took over the lead in random read/ write testing.

Crystal Disk Mark

Revo Drive isn’t too bright here in Crystal Disk Mark, but don’t be mistaken, it is still very fast.

PCMark 7

RevoDrive scored higher points in PCMark 7 compared to one of the SATA-III SSD used for comparison.

File Transfer Test

In real world file transfer scenario, Intel Series 510 SSD came on top, followed by the RevoDrive in runner-up position.

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