in: Direct Release | September 23, 2011 | by: Cerira

[PR] MSI Pioneers OC Profile Storage in UEFI BIOS with ClickBIOS II

Supports all Z68 PCI Express Gen 3 mainboards for users to share OC knowhow

(Taipei-Taiwan) Global mainboard and graphic card manufacturer MSI announced this year the world’s first Intel Z68 (G3) mainboards supporting PCI-E Gen3. Apart from the industry-leading specifications, the MSI Intel Z68 (G3) series supports the MSI-exclusive and also the world’s first BIOS utility, ClickBIOS II, supporting both UEFI and Windows interfaces. MSI further announced today the addition of the industry-pioneering OC profile storage function to the ClickBIOS II for users to directly store OC profiles to external storage, e.g. USB disks or external HDDs. By storing complex OC settings in different profile names, users can easily manage OC profiles at different stages; share and exchange their OC knowhow with OC experts over the Internet; or users can quickly import their OC profiles to systems with the same hardware layout to instantaneously OC in the shortest time. Either experts or novices can improve their knowledge through OC profile exchange!

The ClickBIOS II from MSI is the world’s first BIOS utility supporting both UEFI and Windows interfaces for users to configure system BIOS with a mouse. When compared with ordinary BIOS configurations, ClickBIOS II fits the operation habits of general users with a graphical interface, thus making configuration more convenient and easier to all users. More importantly, the built-in features of ClickBIOS II also allow users to run online driver updates, BIOS updates and system backup, making it the best option for professional users.


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