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[PR] AirLive Launches Professional Network Camera for Professional Outdoor Surveillance and Security Applications

AirLive, one of the most advanced worldwide brands for networking and communication equipment, has introduced AirCam OD-2025HD, a high-end 2.0 MegaPixel network camera designed for professional outdoor surveillance and security applications. This wireless network camera is suitable for appliances that require high flexibility, quality and endurance. This IP camera offers outstanding image quality compared to conventional cameras. One of the major advantage of AirLive OD-2025HD Photo sensor, outstanding scheduler, active or passive PoE, backlight compensation and a lot of next features.

With its new CMOS sensor and advanced image pre and post processing, AirCam OD-2025HD provides the superior image quality during whole day. Hi-speed CPU allows 30fps @all resolutions and provide maximally smooth HD video compare to other IP cameras, which providing only 15fps. Users are able to view live video streaming over the intranet or internet. 2 Mega Pixel resolution also allows user to see much better details then 1,3Mpix IP cameras. For surveillance purposes is the detail quality major importance.

The 24 Infra LED allow IP cameras to see in dark night. IR cut filter is carrying about automatical switching between day and night mode. DI (digital input) connector is able to manage external sensors like door sensor, advanced wireless motion sensor, laser gates and many others. DO (digital output) can carry about connection to sound sirene, light controller or central surveillance equipment.

AirLive AirCam OD-2025HD Network Camera offers the market’s most comprehensive set of network capabilities for optimized security, efficiency and manageability. AirLive OD-2025HD uses H.264 video compression which drastically reduces file sizes and conserves valuable network bandwidth and storage space. The H.264 is a high performing video compression standard that boasts a much higher compression ratio than MJPEG or MPEG-4. With this technology, there is 90% reduction in file size, a 1 MB image can be drastically reduced to as low as 10KB using H.264.

AirLive AirCam OD-2025HD is the best  option for the security remote monitoring and controlling. Users are able to use various supported internet protocols such as FTP, TCP/IP, SMTP, HTTP and RTSP to gain access of AirCam OD-2025HD from different location.

The two-way audio functionality increased the standards for monitoring video using microphone functional.


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