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[PR] AirLive Announced Newest Wireless Router For Electric Socket N.Plug

Taipei, Taiwan: AirLive, one of the most advanced worldwide brands for networking and communication equipment has just announced newest wireless router for electric socket AirLive N.Plug. It is wireless B/G/N network device with built in power adapter, so user can only plug it into the electric socket and share internet connection including 3G internet.  The size of the device is similar to the power adapter, so it is also very good for travelling.

The AirLive N.Plug contains hardware switch that allows user to manually switch between AP, Router or Repeater mode. The device can be secured by WPS button, simple by pushing it on the router and repeater. It is an ideal wireless device solution for hotel, school, clinic, home and large office. Also the IPTV, game console, media player or personal tablet can be wirelessly linked to the internet via AirLive N.Plug in repeater mode.

AirLive N.Plug is also suitable for extension of the existing wireless network. User plugs it in electric socket and can cover every corner he desires.

Use of Airlive N.Plug is very convenient and it supports event 3G USB dongles or xDSL WAN thank to build-in USB 2.0 port and WAN.  Therefore user will be able to share 3G connection or ADS internet connection within powerful wireless range of Airlive N.Plug device.

The software part of AirLive N.Plug is built upon the new AirLogic software architecture that offers superior performance and rich set of functions. It also features firmware recovery sytem, multi operation wireless mode, Virtual AP function, bandwidth control and many other functions.

The coverage of AirLive N.Plug is wide thanks to the 802.11n standard in the speed of 150Mbps. But thanks to the copact design it is portable wireless device in every sense.

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