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[PR] ZOTAC® Debuts Silent GeForce® GTS 450 ZONE® Edition

New ZOTAC® GeForce® GTS 450 ZONE® Edition pairs DirectX® 11-capable GPU with noise-less cooling

HONG KONG – Nov. 22, 2011 – ZOTAC® International, a leading innovator and channel manufacturer, today debuts the silently quick GeForce® GTS 450 ZONE® Edition for users that demand stunning Microsoft® DirectX® 11 visuals and noise-less cooling.

The ZOTAC® GeForce® GTS 450 ZONE® Edition takes the award-winning GeForce® GTS 450 graphics processor with 192 high-performance shaders and passively cools it using a ZOTAC®-exclusive dual-slot fan-less cooling system that features copper heat-pipes and aluminum fins to keep the graphics processor cool while operating silently.

“ZOTAC® listens to the demands of silent computing users and their needs for more graphics power, which is why we created the GeForce® GTS 450 ZONE® Edition,” said Carsten Berger, marketing director, ZOTAC® International. “With the ZOTAC® GeForce® GTS 450 ZONE® Edition we struck the perfect balance of 3D performance and energy-efficiency to eliminate the cooling fan, as well as the external power connector.”

The ZOTAC® GeForce® GTS 450 ZONE® Edition is the ultimate graphics card for home theater PCs with it’s 1080p ready HDMI output capable of bitstreaming the loss-less Dolby® Digital TrueHD and DTS®-HD Master Audio codecs when paired with compatible audio equipment and software. Hardware-accelerated high-definition video decoding enables the ZOTAC® GeForce® GTS 450 ZONE® Edition to playback cinematic Blu-ray 3D movies smoothly and beautifully.

It’s time to play with the ZOTAC® GeForce® GTS 450 ZONE® Edition.

General details

  • New ZOTAC® GeForce® GTS 450 ZONE® Edition graphics card
  • NVIDIA® GeForce® GTS 450 GPU
  • Engine clock: 600 MHz
  • 192 unified shaders
  • Shader clock: 1200 MHz
  • 1GB DDR3 memory
  • Memory clock: 1333 MHz
  • 128-bit memory interface
  • DVI, HDMI & DisplayPort outputs
  • DirectX® 11 technology & Shader Model 5.0
  • OpenGL® 4.2 compatible
  • NVIDIA® CUDA™ technology
  • Full HD video playback
  • Blu-ray 3D ready
  • Loss-less audio bitstream capable
Product Name ZOTAC® GeForce® GTS 450 ZONE® Edition
GPU NVIDIA® GeForce® GTS 450
Engine Clock speed 600 MHz
Unified Shaders 192
Shader Clock 1200 MHz
Memory Clock speed 1333 MHz
Memory 1GB DDR3
Memory interface 128-bit
Display Outputs DVI, HDMI & DisplayPort
Cooling Passive (dual-slot)
DirectX® version DirectX® 11 with Shader Model 5.0
Other hardware features Hardware accelerated Blu-ray 3D ready
Software Features Hardware Video Decode Acceleration Technology, NVIDIA® CUDA technology, OpenGL® 4.2
Windows 7 capability Windows® 7 with DirectCompute support

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