in: Direct Release | February 29, 2012 | by: Dian Syarifuddin

[PR] AirLive introduces newest Access point AP60 with breakthrough performance, features and coverage

Taipei, Taiwan: AirLive, one of the most advanced worldwide brands for networking and communication equipment, has just introduced the newest Access Point AirLive AP60, which features a long range 11b/g/n radio with breakthrough performance, features and coverage. It can cover 5 times the coverage compare to the normal wireless AP thanks to its powerful radio.

The design of AirLive AP60 is compact but even though there are 4 LAN ports. One of the ports also functions as passive PoE port and WAN port. The passive PoE port can accept input from 12 to 24Volts, so there is possibility to install the AirLive AP60 far away from power source.

The AirLive AP60 features interesting IP Finder Management. Thru the simple to use utility, user can manage popular AirLive IP Cameras and AP60 together. Also the AirLogic interface which is already standard on all Airlive AP helps to easily set up everything. There are 9 different modes available such as AP mode, Client mode, WDS repeater, Bridge mode, Universal repeater, WISP router, WDS Station and others.

There are some interesting points to mention such as multiple SSID capability that allows user to create up to 5 virtual APs. Also wireless scheduling feature that allows to set up timing to execute some routine jobs automatically.

The last but not least is the power consumption which is about a half comparing to other APs in the same class.

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