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[PR] AirLive announced new ceiling vandal proof IP camera OD-2050HD with night vision

Taipei, Taiwan: AirLive, one of the most advanced and worldwide brands for networking and communications equipment, recently introduced a new ceiling 2 Mpix IP camera with infra red LED illuminator up to 20 m AirLive OD-2050HD, which makes this model effective night vision even under adverse conditions. This model ensures its owners up to 6 times better resolution than traditional standard CCTV cameras.

Against the weather and “vandals” this model is equipped with rugged IP66 which guarantees according to the international standard a resistance against the entry of any objects, dust and water jets. The camera supports H.264 compression format. This allows user to transfer images in higher quality at lower bit rates (up to 2x better quality at the same size than MPEG-2). For example, with this format can reduce the size of the file acquired up to 90%, which in the original image is 1 Mpix compression to 10 kilobytes These abilities are welcome especially for users of mobile accesses to monitored objects through mobile applications. For these purposes and for convenience, AirLive has developed an application IPCAM Viewer. With this feature user can view images from multiple cameras using an Android device, or OS X (iPhone, iPad).

The camera is equipped with PoE port (802.3af) to power supply via standard network cable. High resolution 2 Mpix CMOS sensor is ideal for monitoring large areas and details. A wide range of telescopic and this model provides automatic varifocal lens with adjustable variable focal 3-9 mm. Wide viewing angle with coverage from 120 ° to 40 ° and automatic lock (auto iris) responds to the amount of light in the lens and regulates opening or closing of the lens. Video quality of the AirLive OD-2050HD can be judged immediately after seeing the smooth and detailed picture. The events captured by the camera at 30 frames per second are good and clear. The camera offers full 1080p which is the highest-quality HDTV display mode. Resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels, sometimes referred 1080p “full” HDTV resolution. The aspect ratio is 16:9.

The advantage of this model is a direct link with alarm. You can connect a sensor that responds to opening doors, breaking shop windows, smoke, excessive noise, etc. Connects to the camera and the alarm, you can run straight. For larger projects it is possible to choose to install software CamPro Professional, intelligent control system that was designed in response to customer demand for specific features and characteristics of professional equipment, based on client / server architecture, CamPro Professional provides remote management. Only install this software on your server and manage it from anywhere in the world.

Since this is a camera suitable for heavy duty and resistant to harsh environments including vandal approach, it is recommended to install the camera in conjunction with our bracket WMK-2056TH.

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