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Direct Release: Wireless Service Optimization in Stores and Hotels

More and more public places such as stores and hotels provide wireless service. People are getting used to watch videos, listen to music, or do their work by utilizing Wi-Fi in these places. Wireless internet is indispensable for people nowadays, but with the rapidly increasing stream content on the internet, store/hotel owners may need to think about how to provide faster wireless service to enhance user experience and satisfaction. Another question should also be considered is how to maintain these access points to ensure they function normally everyday.


New Wi-Fi Technology Brings Greater User Experience

The next generation of Wi-Fi technology-802.11ac is coming to provide faster speed and more capability than ever before for these businesses. AirLive, a world renowned networking equipment provider, has launched the AC.TOP, a ceiling mounted wireless AP featuring advanced 802.11ac technology, supports up to 64 users at the same time by its 2.4G/5G concurrent dual band. Based on 2T2R MIMO and Wireless AC standard, the AC.TOP offers bandwidth up to 1200Mbps, providing a much more efficient way for delivering wireless services in stores/hotels. Moreover, with its backwards capability, it supports older Wi-Fi technologies such as 802.11n; making it an ideal solution for bringing wireless AC to an existing wired network, or improving the capabilities of an existing wireless network.

Flexible Deployment and Easy Maintenance

The AC.TOP provides more flexibility for the deployment of network in stores/hotels. It can be operated in multiple modes, allowing this device to work as Access Point or WDS Repeater. The former makes the AC.TOP become the center hub of the wireless network. All wireless cards and clients connect and communicate through AC.TOP. The latter makes AC.TOP functions as a repeater that extends the range of remote wireless LAN. In addition, it can be installed in areas where power outlets are not readily available because of its PoE port allowing the transfer of data and electricity on the same cable, which reduces the complex and expensive wiring problem.

AirLive also helps network administrators maintain wireless service at ease. The AirLive Central software is developed to change wireless configurations or upgrade firmware across multiple APs. Along with the intuitive user interface, it simplifies the management of wireless service. AirLive AC.TOP and Central are the best wireless solution for stores, hotels, or other places where wireless service is important to users.


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