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Direct Release: G.SKILL DDR4 Memory at Intel Product Launch Event in New York

Demo Systems Built with G.SKILL High Speed Memory at the Intel Fall Desktop Launch Event

Intel held its Fall Desktop Launch Event in New York to launch the new 9th Generation Core processors with the Z390 chipset. All the highlighted live demo systems are built with G.SKILL high-speed memory to demonstrate the awesome performance of the new generation systems.

Professional Overclockers Used G.SKILL Memory to Smash Overclocking Records

During the Intel Fall Desktop Launch Event, the company invited two world-class professional overclockers for a live overclocking session at the press conference, using plenty of liquid nitrogen for lots of sub-zero overclocking action. Both professional overclockers chose G.SKILL memory to smash overclocking records during the event, including the record of reaching 6.9GHz on 8 operating cores, in front of an audience of top-tier tech medias from around the world.

Massive 28-Core Demo System Built with G.SKILL Memory

In addition to announcing the new 9th Gen Core processors at the Fall Desktop Launch Event, Intel also launched the Xeon W-3175X with 28 cores for high-end workstations, featuring 6-channel DDR4 memory support that allow users to configure these systems with up to 512GB of memory. To demo the high core-count system, the Intel demo system was built with 12 modules of G.SKILL memory.


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