Direct Release: Casio Launch the Rubber Band G-SHOCK MR-G, Co-Develops Screws with Start-Up NejiLaw

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October 22, 2018

Band Engraved with Traditional Japanese Bishamon Kikko Pattern, a Symbol of Strength

Tokyo, October 18, 2018 — Casio Computer Co., Ltd. announced today the release of the MRG-G2000R, the first G-SHOCK with a Dura Soft Fluoro-Rubber Band, which delivers both high durability and a soft feel on the wrist. MR-G is the flagship series of the G-SHOCK brand of shock-resistant watches. The band also features a traditional Japanese Bishamon Kikko pattern.

The Dura Soft Fluoro-Rubber Band exudes a feeling of solidity and fits the wrist with supreme suppleness, hugging the wrist pleasantly while providing toughness to endure hard use thanks to its exceptional abrasion resistance and long-term durability. The surface of the band is textured with a traditional Japanese Bishamon Kikko pattern, which combines hexagonal shapes into groups of three. Since ancient times, this pattern has been used on the armor worn by Bishamonten, a warrior symbolizing strength in battle. The MRG-G2000R, capturing this symbol of strength, is a top-of-the-line model combining traditional Japanese aesthetics with modern technology.

The Dura Soft Fluoro-Rubber Band and the titanium case are connected with a world-first application of “L/R-Δ Loc” (pronounced “L-R Delta Lock”), which Casio developed jointly with NejiLaw, a company known for “screws that never come loose.” Based on an L/R bolt* with two nuts that lock together and spin in opposite directions, L/R-Δ Loc was newly developed for watches as a revolutionary mechanism that prevents loosening due to vibration and other forces.

The clasp is machined out of titanium and, along with the bezel, is coated with diamond-like carbon (DLC) to increase abrasion resistance. All titanium parts are also subjected to a deep-layer hardening process, which makes their surfaces four to five times harder than plain titanium, for a double hardening treatment. The titanium case and back cover are also treated with titanium carbide (TIC) to improve abrasion resistance.

The MRG-G2000R is also equipped with the following features:

  • Easy world time and other setting changes using the MR-G Connected smartphone app.
  • Time adjustment using Bluetooth®, GPS satellite signals and radio wave time-calibration signals. The history of time adjustments and time zone changes can also be checked in the app.
  • Tough Solar high capacity solar-charging system. The solar charging level can be viewed graphically in the app.
  • Super Illuminator for high visibility even at night and in bad weather.
  • Dual Dial World Time, which displays times in two cities simultaneously.
  • Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with a non-reflective coating on the inside surface that delivers excellent clarity and readability.
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