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SSD: A Closer Look


Despite a few up and downs here and there, the SSD looks promising. It provides a significant leap ahead in terms of speed, which could come in handy when we are deeply immersed in our daily computing tasks. The steep price though, must be carefully taken into your consideration. Do you need a faster drive or more storage space? If you have the money, you can buy yourself a pair of SSDs to be combined in RAID mode to further increase the already stunning data transfer rate. If you have no need for all the extra speed, or if you are unwilling spend so much money for a few gigabytes of extra fast storage, the good old hard disk can still accommodate your needs.

The benefit you can expect from having an SSD depends on your computer usage. With common applications, SSD dramatically improves your system’s performance. On the other hand, when you use it to play games, the difference would be minimal. Nevertheless, getting an SSD is still a worthy investment. For those who have been waiting to get their hands on one, Intel has released its affordable line of 40 GB SSDs. We will show you the tests result as soon as we acquired a sample.

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