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[PR] AirLive Introduce New PoE Switch Series: Device Guard Switch- PoE-GSH2004L-370

Taipei, Taiwan: AirLive, one of the most advanced worldwide brands for networking and communication equipments, introduced Device Guard Switch -802.3at 24-port All giga Switch POE-GSH2004L-370 with Device Guard function.

Device Guard_130X185_v4

Device Guard Switch is the switches which will automatic re-power the PoE IP cameras or Access Point, when the switch detects that IP cameras or Access Point is not working.

In real application, IP cameras or Access Point will locate in the place which is not easy to reach after installation. So when cameras or Access Point is crashed, it will require the expensive for service for non-device guard switch. However, device guard switch can monitor the IP cameras or access point by their IP or packet status, and will re-power when the crash is detected. It can reduce the man power and service cost for users.

New to the portfolio of AirLive is Ethernet switch POE-GSH2004L-370 containing overall 24 Gigabit ports, with PoE (Power over Ethernet), meeting and exceeding the requirements of 802.3af norm, which required at least 15W per port, as well as newer and more demanding norm 802.3at, which among others requires a minimum of 30W of power for each connected device. POE-GSH2004L-370 has twenty four powered PoE ports, each can provide up to 30W, and device can deliver maximum 370W of power totally. These ports are protected with overload protection, should be happened the situation where the total power draws exceeds 370W; their power will be gradually switched off according to priority.


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