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[PR] MSI MOA 2011 Grand Final Takes Place at NTU Stadium, Taiwan

16 Teams from 14 Countries to Fight for the Title in Fierce Battles

[Taipei, Taiwan]  The grand final of the Master Overclocking Arena (MOA) 2011, the largest one of its kind in the world, is set to kick off at the Comprehensive Stadium of Taiwan University on Friday, October 7. The MOA 2011 is the fourth edition of events organized by MSI, the leading global mainboard and graphics card manufacturer. Sixteen teams of overclocking soldiers from the U.S., Romania, Sweden, Japan, Australia and many other countries are gearing up to fight for the ultimate title. In keeping with the theme of Military Operations at MOA, a vast range of thrilling events will be staged onsite, including the arrival of sexy female general Amber Ann and three female soldiers on the overclocking battlefront to boost morale, and the audacious invasion of the MSI battle camp by eight teams of master computer assemblers from higher-education institutions; where their computer knowledge will be put to the ultimate test. Also, MSI will offer a limited 10 sets of heavy-duty gears for the MOA battlefront. Purchasers will also get a CD autographed by Amber Ann!

Military Pillbox and Jungle Battles Demonstrate the Tension of War

Zona Lin, Manager of MSI Component Marketing Department said, “The MSI MOA 2011 is entering its fourth year. The annual theme is always a topic of heated discussion in the overclocking community. All events, from the ‘Rome Arena” in Taipei in 2008 and the ‘IT Olympics’ in Beijing in 2009, to the ‘Star Wars’ in Taipei in 2010, and to the “Military Operations” of this year for the promotion of board card marketing, attract overclocking masters from all over the world. They are all looking forward to this big event and this significantly enhances MSI’s prestige in the overclocking community.”

The grand final of this year’s MOA will be staged at the stadium of National Taiwan University in Taipei. MSI has spent a seven-digit sum on the reproduction of military pillboxes and the creation of a battle theater. The solid camouflage, the elaborate tunnels, the mammoth fighters, the soldiers parachuting from the skies, as well as the liquid nitrogen used for rapid cooling of equipment in overclocking competitions and floating clouds of smoke, will combine to reproduce a battlefield that is set to thrill the spectators!

MSI’s Military Board Card Weapons for World-class Overclocking Battles

In addition to the sense of fierceness that will envelop the battlefield, MOA 2011 will provide the most powerful overclocking weapons. The mainboard will be the Z68A-GD80 (G3), featuring exclusive dual-interface ClickBIOS II system adjustment tools and OC Genie II, and the graphics card will be the N580GTX Lightning, designed specially for die-hard overclockers; cutting-edge Power4 architecture and Twin Frozr III dual-fan cooling with innovative Propeller Blade technology dramatically increase the overall overclocking magnitude and stability!

To allow the contestants to give the best possible performance, MSI has teamed up with multiple manufacturers to provide Intel


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